Lee Collin Baxter – Back in Germany after 17 years

Lee Collin Baxter who was born in 1970 in Liverpool/England is a British actor and singer. Together with Benjamin Boyce, Eloy de Jong and Bastiaan Ragas he was part of the British-Dutch boygroup Caught in the Act. After an appearance in the soap opera ‘Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten’ end of 1994 they became very famous in Germany. They had hits like ‘Love is everywhere’, ‘You know’, ‘Babe’ and ‘Baby come back’. In 1998 Caught in the Act disbanded. The last years Baxter was busy with acting. For example he played the lead role in the film ‘Profile of Fear’ and also sang the title track ‘No one but myself’ which is written by Paul Glaser. Together with Glaser he worked on more songs, but he also writes his own lyrics. Now Baxter started his solocareer in Germany.

Ready for new gigs: Lee Collin Baxter (Photo: Svenja Angstmann for Universe Media Relations)

Ready for new gigs: Lee Collin Baxter (Photo: Svenja Angstmann for Universe Media Relations)

Face2Face: How would you descibe the new sound of your songs?

Baxter: They all sound so different. I think they are all influenced very much by guitar and I hear from fans that my songs are very emotionally touching.

Face2Face: What is your favorite band or singer?

Baxter: Ed Sheeran and Marina and the Diamonds.

Face2Face: Would you like to record a duet with a special singer?

Baxter: Yes, with Ed Sheeran because I like his songs and his lyrics.

Face2Face: Can you tell me about the most wonderful music moment in your life?

Baxter: The first time I saw the clip to my song ‘For what it’s worth’ because it´s a flashback to my time in Caught in the Act. At that time it was released I had no contact with the other boys. I cried.

Face2Face: If you think back and remember the time with Caught in the Act: What has been positive and what has been negative?

Baxter: The positive were the amazing concerts and the travelling around the world. The negative were the very long days, the stress and feeling exhausted for much of the time.

Face2Face: After 17 years you met the other band members of Caught in the Act for the first time in April 2015 in Amsterdam and again in August 2015 in Cologne. How did that make you feel and would you like to have a reunion with Caught in the Act?

Baxter: I was very nervous, but it went so well I became incredibly relieved. It was a very pivotal time in my life, so that is very special to share it with the other three guys. All four of us wanted 100% a reunion, so please keep your fingers crossed.

Happy: Lee Collin Baxter on stage at the ‘Popschlager Total Open Air’ in Oberhausen (Photo: Jenny Strack for Universe Media Relations)

Happy: Lee Collin Baxter on stage at the ‘Popschlager Total Open Air’ in Oberhausen (Photo: Jenny Strack for Universe Media Relations)

Face2Face: On 1st August 2015 you had your first gig in Germany after 17 years at the ‘Popschlager Total Open Air’ in Oberhausen. How you think the performance went and what did it mean to you?

Baxter: Again I was very nervous beforehand, but once I got on the stage it felt like I was home. I was also so grateful to see all the fans who had come to support me. It was an unbelievable beautiful experience.

Face2Face: You own the Arundel Jailhouse in Arundel which is in the South East of the UK. What can you experience there?

Baxter: Theatre, live music, stand up comedy nights, Murder Mystery dinners, ghost tours, paranormal investigations. I´m very proud of it. It´s my baby.

Face2Face: What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Baxter: I´m putting together an album of my songs that I´ve written over the years. Five of them I´ve shared on YouTube, but there are another five new songs that my fans have not heard yet. I´m going to call it ‘Old School’ and I hope to have it ready by Christmas. I also plan to gig and meet and greet a lot more often. October 23 I´ll be with Benjamin Boyce in Dortmund, October 24 I´ll be performing at DIVA in Oberhausen, November 7 I´ll do a meet and greet and a gig in Berlin and I have two Christmas special events in Leipzig on 11th and 12th of December.

You can listen to Lee Collin Baxter´s new songs ‘It is what it is’ and ‘This side of Eden’ on Youtube. You can get more information about him on Facebook or www.leebaxter.de.

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