„Daring makes you smart!“

Lena and Jettie – two young women that destabilize the World Wide Web with their Beauty and Lifestyle blog “Give the Bitch her Chocolate”. Since March 2010, the Düsseldorfers supply their readers with “topics relevant for beauty, commonplace-lunatic or food-related”, as they say themselves. Among other things, they have been talking about their styling ideals and the make-up trends of the upcoming winter to Face2Face – and of course there was a concrete styling tip, too.

Face2Face: What makes you experts for make-up?
Jettie: Nothing, after all. Occupying yourself with make-up a lot, toying with it and also daring to try things you previously had completely neglected – that makes you smart. That teaches you a many things, amongst other things, what suits you best and what you like – and what you don’t, either.
I wouldn’t call myself an expert, rather someone who has a lot of fun using make-up and who can always get into new products, colours and brands. I learned to paint my face as most girls presumably have: By trying, practicing and finding one’s “thing”. Moreover, I copied a lot from diverse youtube videos.

Face2Face: Do you have a favourite styling and if so, what makes it special?
Jettie: I like to try many things, but I prefer unobtrusive eyes and a nice, glowing complexion. I also dabble in attempting the perfect blush application in regular intervals. (laughes)
Lena: I don’t have a favourite styling – not with clothes and certainly not with make-up. I create both at my whim: If I want to go to Aldi heavily smoky-eyed, I do so. As regards clothing, I focus on basics I can combine or vary with diverse accessories in everyday life.

Love Makeup: Lena (left) and Jettie (Photo: private)

Face2Face: According to you, what would be a no-go in matters of make-up?
Lena: For me, there is no actual no-go like “no blue eye shadow in any case” or so. It’s all a question of type and realization. I just find it fatal when there is a fault with care. The most awesome lipstick doesn’t come into its own if you can strip the lips of their skin. And I don’t like it when someone with an EMU (short for Eye make-up, editor’s annotation) does not bother to blur the lines or blur them properly, for that matter.
Jettie: Everything that pleases is legitimate!

Face2Face: Which prominent lady embodies your personal styling ideal and why?
Lena: I don’t have one. Naturally, there are many pretty prominent ladies, but none is my role model. Now and then, I let myself be inspired by a photograph or an advertisement campaign, but then that’s it.
Jettie: I like it to be inspired by various celebrities, but do not have a role model in that sense. Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox invariably wear make-ups that flatter them very much and are very sexy.

Face2Face: What make-up implements do belong into every beauty case?
Jettie: A good Kabuki (A Kabuki is a certain sort of brush for the application of Mineral Make-up. The hairs of the brush are shorter and more firmly bounded than in conventional brushes, editor’s annotation), some good eye brushes, a good nail file.
Lena: A fistful of reliable brushes, a pair of tweezers and cotton swabs.

Face2Face: What beauty brands do you swear by? Which are your favourite products?
Jettie: I am open to everything from drugstore brands to High-End labels, as long as the product is harmonious and does a good job in relation to the price. My declared favourite product is the “Russian Red” lipstick by “M.A.C.”. Every woman should have it and I have made some good efforts in the diffusion of this message. (laughes)
Lena: I don’t swear by any beauty brand, but am open to every label and pick out the cream of it. In numbers however, my collection features mostly “M.A.C.” items, since beautiful and sound products are always to be found here, especially as regards eye shadows and lipsticks. Admittedly, also the products by “Dior” – especially the lipsticks – average very well and make a great impression by appearance. Both my favourite products, however, curiously aren’t by any of those two brands: That would be the “Multiaction Smokey Eyes” by “Essence” and the “Soleil tan de Chanel” by “Chanel”.

Face2Face: Made-up men – what do you think of that?
Lena: Outside carnival season – precious little.
Jettie: I am accustomed to quite some things from Asia. This doesn’t give me a shock anymore!

Face2Face: What do you think are the make-up trends for the upcoming winter?
Jettie: Golden glittering eyes and pink lips, or slight smoky eyes in brown with blood-red lipstick. Also the slightly more dramatic alternative about the eyes and a discreet pink nude for the lips looks good on many girls.
Lena: Phew, honestly I’m not a real trendsetter that informs herself beforehand or ponders the question of what will be hip. I expect, though, one won’t go wrong using champagne or golden hues on the eyes and a red lipstick – preferably somewhat darker – as well as plenty of glint for the cheeks.

Face2Face: And finally, a wintery make-up tip for our readers:
Lena: This look is easy and quickly accomplished and therefore is perfect for everyday use. Furthermore, it can be combined wonderfully with gaudy red lipsticks.

Makeup-Trend for winter 2011: smokey and silver (Photo: private)

1. Found the complete mobile eyelid with “Brulé” (“M.A.C.”) up to the brow.

2. Dab the mobile lid with “Ricepaper” (“M.A.C.”) lightly.

3. Apply “Green Smoke” (“M.A.C.”) to the eyelid crease amply, and blur it properly.

4. Draw an eyeliner with “Fluiline Dark Diversion” (“M.A.C.”).

5. Paint over the eyeliner with the “Stylo Yeux Platine” (“Chanel”).

6. Apply mascara to your lashes – in my case with the “Multiaction Smokey Eyes” by “Essence”.


This was brought to you by our freelance translator Louisa van der Does.

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